PROOF! -Captured On Canvas!!

‘…YeHoWaH is with you when you are with Him. If you seek him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you’.        2 Chronicles 15:2

Following on with the understanding of what ‘alone’ in Genesis 2:18 reveals of Adam wanting to walk independently from YeHoWaH Elohim, and the specific help supplied for him within the woman (namely her presence and voice to aid him in his walk before God), we need to further smash some treasured illusions of ‘pre-fall’ Genesis. These are the stories concerning our first parents told over and over. Repeated and drilled into us as foundational knowledge by Sunday school teachers using simplistic illustrations through to the most austere pulpits who further hone our understanding with academic reason – catching all who are not prepared to seek to know beyond what they are told. Apart from the church, society also upholds the traditional understanding of the Genesis account regardless of whether believing it as factual or fiction, as seen in the recent portrait presented to Kylie Minogue by Jack Whitehall at the 2015 Royal Christmas Variety Show. Please note the serpent draped over her, more or less a part of her identity, as many old illustrations of the same scene have the serpent as half-snake, half-woman clearly portraying deception as uniquely feminine.

variety show

Compare this to the image below that runs alongside’s Genesis chapter 3 –‘Parallel Verses’ page and you can see the obvious similarities.

biblehub genesisBoth clearly reinforce the woman as a temptress (the secular version being more upfront, to the idea of her being fully in collusion with the serpent for the man’s undoing). And Adam portrayed as seemingly only now, being confronted with the idea to choose God’s way or his – or was it her way??

Be it as it may, tradition does not necessarily equal truth. Scripture itself has never said this of the woman and previously in Gen 2:18 clearly revealed Adam’s heart in desiring to walk apart from God, even before the woman was created. His disobeying the command I believe, was already a done deal as scripture gives no hint as to the mental deliberation required in him at that time. The only reasoning recorded was that of the woman before she ate.

If one would look to see, there is much to be found within scripture’s account that is diametrically opposite to the popular version, that unfortunately has, and continues to be so easily swallowed. Once again it becomes a platform to reveal our hearts. Traditional versions given of the woman causing the fall of man (his disobedience even stated as the ‘greatest example of love’ ever done for a woman) obscures the truth by diverting our attention away from what is actually happening. By use of a historical ‘kodak camera moment’ our gaze of blame is conveniently secured onto the ‘fall guy’ – the woman. It may have worked on us -but God was never fooled. He himself made the woman – the very first ezer kenegedo in history with an ability and strength specifically designed in her for this weakness identified in man. Did YeHoWaH Elohim make a mistake? Was she a dud? How was it that the very person God placed in his life to help him, seemingly failed in the most spectacular way? But heres’s an equally curious question worth answering:- if she really is to blame, and possibly even in cahoots with the serpent – why was she not cursed, as was the serpent? Or a curse put on anything else because of her – as with Adam? Why does she hold more blame in our eyes when scripture itself states in multiple verses that it was Adam who caused all mankind (including her) to sin? And if these scriptures are to be truly believed – how then did he cause her to sin?

…the answer can be found in the ezer kenegedo herself, her voice exposing his sin. Genesis 3 reveals Adam’s sin that made her more vulnerable to being deceived by the serpent – 1 Tim 2:14 describing her as being ‘thoroughly deceived’ (Greek-exapatētheisa)-hoodwinked.

Why have we turned the victim of deception into the deceiver/seducer of Adam when the Bible clearly states otherwise? Adam was never deceived by the serpent (or the woman), his was a sin begun in the heart – a fully conscious act of disobedience. 1 Tim 2:14 says the woman ‘fell into transgression’ it was not a conscious act of disobedience toward God -she had to be deceived in order to break God’s command. Her sin was not a sin of the heart and therefore was not cursed because YeHoWaH Elohim­ sees the heart and judges rightly. (Genesis 3:14-19 needs to be read carefully as to what the Hebrew says and doesn’t say, and to identify translators ‘helpful’ additions designed for ‘our better understanding’.)

The Hebrew and Greek scriptures reveal a different scenario to what is the most commonly understood account of the Genesis ‘fall,’ the question for us is – are we prepared to walk after Yeshua (who is the Truth, Way and Life) concerning this, or will we continue to turn a blind eye to essentially what has been a lie set in tradition due to the pride and fear of man?

We all desire wisdom …  but it can never be gained by fearing man. It is only with the fear of YeHoWaH that wisdom finds any sanctuary in us. We need, therefore, to be lovers of the truth, despite possible consequences.

Heavenly Father – YeHoWaH Elohim­ – open our eyes to Your Word, give us a heart that fears and reveres You above all others, and in so doing, reveal our heart’s prejudices, that we might walk the way of wisdom, in You. Amen.


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