Her Words – Adam’s Exposé


With the previous (Tradition or the Bible – your choice) post’s scripture references to both Adam’s and Eve’s culpability in the ‘Fall’ scenario we need to revisit Genesis with fresh eyes, determining within ourselves not to add any more than what the scripture alone gives us. The Bible states sin entered the world through Adam and his disobedience was clearly and repeatedly identified as the origin by which mankind were made sinners (including Eve) in the sight of God and its consequence of death now our reality. Indeed Eve was made a sinner and by her own hand she broke God’s command but it was not from a disobedient heart, scripture is emphatic she was deceived into trespassing the command given, (and God did not hold her accountable for the tresspass.) Scripture identifies the serpent deceived her – with her own words (Gen 3:13) and Paul’s confirming in 2 Cor 11:4.

Nonetheless it was Adam’s sin that placed her in a position of vulnerability to being deceived, as he, like the serpent both added and took away from God’s original command when relaying it to Eve. Scripture itself does not explicitly say that Adam passed on the command to her, only of God giving the command to Adam. It is by her words in Gen 3:2-3, her inner reasoning and resulting action that we know it was not from God Himself through whom the command came to her but via Adam. Genesis 3 goes to the trouble of showing her inner reasoning, her weighing up of the serpent’s words against what she knew of the command relayed to her by Adam, and by her reasoning Adam’s version came up short. Remember, Adam was not deceived by the serpent, (nor beguiled by Eve), as he knew exactly what God had commanded. His disobedience as scripture reveals began earlier in his heart, fully displayed in the breaking of Gods command.

Below is a comparison chart showing the two versions alongside God’s original command as spoken by the woman to the serpent and vice-versa. At the bottom of the chart are the totals for words missing, additions, and variations from the original Hebrew of God’s command. The woman’s version follows the same word order as given by God but the serpent has mixed up the word order, thus twisting intent and meaning. If it is too unclear please access the original pdf by clicking here.


command chart

Eve should have received the command as given by YeHoWaH Elohim to Adam, but she did not.

My next post will give my understanding as to what the above chart reveals, in light of the wider scripture concerning Adam and Eve. I hope the above chart speaks as clearly for you as it did for me.

YeHoWaH Elohim, may your Name be sanctified in our hearts and on our lips as we seek to share your Word with others, free of any embellishment or censorship, but simply the truth given just as You have said. Amen.



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