Keep Praying

Over the last few years as we have prayed for the Persecuted Church we have become familiar with individuals and their struggles in countries where being a Christian means regular persecution and even death. We have been so thankful for sites such as Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, Morning Star, and others that get the news out about our brothers and sisters in Christ.

To be able to pray for individuals by name has been a privilege and has connected us to the larger body of Christ that spans the whole earth. It has challenged us in our faith and prayer life as well, often waiting to hear of some, any good news about those we pray for.

God has been so faithful. Here is a list of some of the people who we and others all around the world have prayed for and seen released from their prisons.

Kenneth Bae – American citizen freed from North Korean prison

Saaed Abedini – American citizen freed from Iranian prison

Alireza Seyyedian, Farshid Fathi – Iranian Christians freed from Iranian prison

Mariam Ibrahim – American citizen freed from Sudanese prison

Gao Zhisheng – Chinese Christian and human rights lawyer freed from Chinese prison

Yat Michael, Rev Peter – South Sudanese Christians freed from Sudanese prison

Bishoy Boulos – Egyptian citizen in Egyptian prison

There are still more to pray for, but my hope is to remind people today to pray for one woman who has been on our prayer list from the beginning.

Asia Bibi.


Image sourced from VOM (Voice of the Martyrs) Asia Bibi with her daughter.

Accused and charged with breaking Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, she was sentenced to death.

Recently, Mumtaz Qadri who was a body guard for the politician Salman Taseer was executed for his murder. Before he was murdered, Salman was an advocate for Asia Bibi and spoke out against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Mumtaz’s death sent many hostile towards Christianity spewing threats of murder towards Asia Bibi, prompting police to ramp up security around prison.

Asia has been imprisoned since 2010. She has a husband and five children who are in hiding because their lives have been threatened also. Recently the Supreme court suspended her death sentence and has allowed for her to appeal. This was meant to happen on the 26 of March 2016, but as yet we have not heard an outcome or that it has even taken place.

  • Please pray for this courageous woman. For her release and for this family to find a safe haven to reunite and be a family again.
  • Pray for those representing her in court, for wisdom and safety as their lives also are under threat.
  • Pray that Asia and all those who are supporting her will know the peace of God that surpasses understanding, and that many who are against her will be drawn to Yahshua by the witness of His faithfulness towards His daughter.
  • Pray for freedom for Pakistani Christians and for the blasphemy laws to be abolished.