When Silence Is Not Golden


“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil:

God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak.

Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


As we remember Yom Ha Shoah -The Holocaust Memorial Day, it is easy to imagine brutal Nazi’s in their uniforms with their cold hard stares. But Dietrich’s quote reveals the true reality of what led to this most tragic episode of our blood drenched history. All humanity who knew something of what was unfolding in Europe had a responsibility to speak or act on behalf of those whose freedom and life were being stolen away; responsible to choose to stand on the side of justice and humanity and be ambassadors for the Creator of life.

Many today vow “Never again!” I want to agree with them, but wishful thinking will not be our assurance.

If we believe that the anti-semitism against the Jews of World War Two occurred because of the actions of a few others in high positions we are deceiving ourselves.

Sometimes we are not even aware of our heart’s true agendas until Yahshua shines His light in there and reveals things that He is wanting to change and make new. We must ask God to search each of our hearts and reveal the true state of it. Today is the day that we must begin to act against violence and inhumanity, not leaving it till things get really bad and thinking now we will do something.

What little acts today is God calling us to that counter injustices? What opportunities am I taking today to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves? Am I seeking discernment from Him rather than gleaning information from potentially biased media that seeks to alarm and shock? Do I struggle with a fear of people that leads me to do what will please them rather than God? Do I feel inconvenienced when called to help others? Am I aware of my own failures in that I really prefer to seek my own comfort and safety and that I actually view myself, my race, my gender, my culture superior to others?

May God prepare our hearts and minds to fully act in a way that declares “Never again!”



Image sourced from the “Holocaust Centre For Humanity” Blog.