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This is something I wrote maybe a few years ago now (with some minor tweaking), as we were becoming more aware of what the Bible truly teaches about women (or rather doesn’t!)

It is for freedom that He has set you free!
How precious this verse is. So much in this world wants to keep us from our freedom in Christ. I used to think it was just the things of the world or our own fears, but sadly much of ‘Christianity’ is opposed to our freedom also.

I do not have all the answers but I believe Yahshua wants women to be fully contributing members of His body. I believe he sees us equal with men in His body. I believe if these passages in the New Testament (mostly Paul’s and a little of Peter’s) are read properly and understood as the authors intended, they will be consistent with the rest of Scripture’s themes of love, freedom and truth, and Christ being our main focus and desire.

Paul said “Imitate me just as I imitate Christ.” I believe Paul agreed with and had the same attitude towards women that Yahshua had. Jesus loved and valued women. He knew they were treated unequally in society and sought to bring light and freedom to their situation. I believe Paul did too.

Some believe now is the time for women to take their rightful place. Prophecies have been spoken.

I believe that now is the time just as 2000 years ago was the time. The truth of what Messiah has given us in Himself is the same today as it was then. The forces against those who want to walk in the freedom that Christ bought for us are so strong though it seems this truth needs to be taught anew to each generation.

Our God Yahweh is faithful. He through His Holy Spirit shines His light on His Word and opens our eyes for understanding. The wonderful thing is we learn more about who He is; His heart towards all His creation, His love that endures forever. He is just and righteous. His love is equal towards all of us. He is constant and His message is consistent. Bless His Holy Name!

– Leanne


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  1. Beautiful. I’m preaching on this very topic at church over the next few weeks. Yes, I said ‘preaching’ not ‘sharing’ not ‘giving a little talk.’ I’m blessed to belong to a fellowship that also sees women as having a vital and equal role in the establishing of Jesus’s Kingdom 😊

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    • Praise Yahweh! This is the kind of message that makes our hearts sing! Our prayer for you is that your message will be well received by open hearts as God seeks to show his true character and purpose for the body. Blessings!

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