Burning My Own Bra!

The day when the slogan of the sixties got a new meaning to me.

After posing for family photos my eldest daughter said to me…..Mum, you need a new bra……well; Mother’s day was around the corner so guess what?

Having a very supportive (no pun intended) hubby who believes in loving and spoiling his wife, I was carried off to our local lingerie outlet. What made me go through with this endeavor was, apart from the honest caring comment of my daughter, my 6 foot 4-best friend-husband awkwardly standing outside the changing room door in the lingerie shop wanting to bless me with girlie stuff…just because he loves me. No entitlement or demands…just because.

I do not like to feel constrained, so I look at a gentle option without wire. After making my choice…eyeing the size I slipped into the fitting rooms. We all know how intense the fluorescent light can be in dressing rooms but this was definitely a very tight fit.

I graciously advised the sales lady that we should start with the biggest possible size and work from there downward. That way I can think I’m thinner than what I am…and that way my self-esteem is not crushed every time I have to first of all…see myself in the mirror and second of all ask for a bigger size.

The very enthusiastic saleslady brought me a ‘bigger size’ according to the label but with my naked eye I could see that I will need a lot of willpower to fit in it. Trying to convince the saleslady that the size on the label MUST be wrong because the smaller size fit much better was a losing battle. The only way was to go into the changing room… convincing myself that my eyesight is not crooked. What a process. It did not fit. It was then that the tears just flooded and menopause (or something) took over. And there…in that changing room I decided…today I’m burning my bra! That’s it. Who needs a bra anyway? Why do I need to look perky and firm when I’m content with my stretch marks and age.

So although the women in the sixties burned their bra’s to prove a human right’s point…I just want to burn mine because I don’t like feeling constrained.

Just saying.


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