A Foot in the Door…

n-polygamy-628x314When posting ‘A Normal Family?’ yesterday, I was in shock more or less for this to be on national TV here in NZ, utterly flabbergasted as it seemed so wrong on so many levels!! The following night NZ Hub’s –Story visited and filmed the family in situ. It continues to generate a lot of heated discussion on their Facebook page, with some good comments for victim support present. Public shock factor has definitely made it a winner for Story. During and after the ‘home visit’ video the following night, much discussion was had within our family. An awful sense of a door having just been opened… beginning the machination of public acceptance… It’s interesting that polygamy was touted the next issue to be lawfully acceptable in NZ when Gay Marriage was legalised in August 2013. Incredibly, considering all the unspoken messages given in the filming of this family, Yasir Mohib seemingly has become  NZ’s first ‘poster boy’ for polygamy. The violence has been marginalised somehow amidst the smiles of all present and it’s overriding presentation of normalcy. Wiping away the encroaching ‘normalcy’ fog in our brains… we need to remember – clearly – the Muslim laws governing the rights of women in family and society that underpin this way of life. Denis MacEoin writing for Gatestone Institute 12, March 2016 in his post –‘Sharia Law or One Law for All’ (concerning the situation in Britain) outlines clearly the prohibitions and ‘acceptable expectations’ of women under its rule. A refresher of this knowledge thankfully clears the fog rapidly. Read it here: http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7562/sharia-law


Of course, Islam isn’t the only ideology / religion to endorse the practice of polygamy…


pictures sourced from Huffington Post; alarabiya.net


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