Know Him!


Be blessed!

(The link below is a small biography on Max Isaac Reich the writer of this poem/hymn)

That I might know Him

Let this be life’s aim

Still to explore the wealth stored in Him name.

With heaven – bought intelligence to trace

The glories that light up His sinless face

That I might know His power day by day

Protecting, guiding in the upward way

That I might know His presence calm and pure

Changeless midst changes and midst losses sure

To dwell with Him in Spirit day and night.

To walk with Him by faith, if not by sight

To work with Him, as He shall plan, not I

To cleave to Him and let the world go by

To live on earth a life of selfless love

To set the mind and heart on things above

Till I shall see Him without vision dim

And know Him as I know I’m known of Him!

Max Isaac Reich

photo: Leanne –

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