Time Flies!

We have let over half a year go by without writing or sharing anything.

There is still much to be written about – but sometimes it all feels too big, too hard, and that recurring nagging thought of, “Are my thoughts on topic X really worth sharing???” has to be battled with.

Busyness of life, has kept us from sharing. When we finally do catch up with each other we often say how we must get back to the blog.

Challenging what we once thought was true has been scary and tiring, but too often to ignore it has been so freeing.

Doubt creeps in often – “If I got it wrong the first time why do I think I have got it right this time? And where will it end?” Like layers of an onion, you peel, going deeper, and deeper till what are you left holding onto?

Faith feels weak. You wonder in questioning such things whether you are walking away from your Saviour and slipping off that straight and narrow. Then a tiny glint of hope reminds us that it is He who has got us. Phew!

– Leanne

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