Wait, What? Beware the Jezebel Spirit!


Not once is the term “Jezebel Spirit” used in the Bible. Yet how often is this title used in ‘Christianity’ today as though it is an authoritative God breathed term that defines well…. any woman, who you don’t like or agree with potentially.

Many in the body are quite comfortable using this term. I think it has come about from seeing a connection between the Jezebel from Revelation and the Jezebel of the Old Testament. That somehow in the form of a spirit the traits of Ahab’s wife have come down through the ages, influencing a particular woman in the church of Thyatira and if we are not careful maybe a women in your local church today! From here many lists of traits have been made to identify one who is oppressed or controlled by this ‘spirit’ neglecting or even rejecting the full and complete truth of our Salvation. It can cause doubt and fear, destroying the unity God desires amongst his believers.

It seems very interesting to me that there are no other characters from the Bible where we attach their name to ‘Spirit’ to describe ‘problem’ Christians – only one pagan woman. However, in my desire for logic and fairness I did not have to search long and hard to find a number of characters from the Bible with a questionable reputation and traits we could use to name and shame those who display ungodly behaviour. For consistency’s sake I have limited my examples to pagan characters of the Bible, that just happen to all be men.

So here we go;


Introducing the Balaam Spirit

Balaam – Those who have or are influenced by the Balaam Spirit refuse to participate in church activities or take on a role unless the offer of money is given. They are easily swayed by a love of money even to the extent of doing the opposite of what they actually want to do, showing a lack of conviction and integrity. Their skills and talents however are widely broadcasted. Their reputation precedes them making them an enticing character to be involved in your local congregation. With them, come media coverage, celebrity status and therefore more pew warmers which equals more money! They profess to have seen signs and wonders in the form of angels, talking donkeys, and to have even heard directly from God thus giving them an automatic high position in congregations with unchecked authority. In the end their greed and actions will lead to utter destruction.

Beware the Balaam Spirit.


Haman – A raging anti- semite and replacement theologist, will manipulate his way to the top and find favour with those in high positions within a congregation. He will sneakily lead pastors/elders to encourage the congregation to give honor to him. He will be a front pew sitter with his family having seats reserved with VIP cards. If anyone does not respect or give the praise or honour that he feels he deserves, will become enraged and make life very difficult for them.

Beware the Haman Spirit.


Hazael – The humble servant – posing, only waiting to become the Servant/Then Leader. Will begin at the bottom, willing to take on menial tasks in the church such as serving tea, Sunday School for preschoolers or library duty. He will silently work in the background feigning allegiance and obedience all the while watching and waiting and scheming to make his way to the top! When believers with a discerning spirit call him out on his falseness and evil intent, he is given to blushing with embarrassment – this is the danger point! When found out he will seek to act quickly to achieve his goals, ruthlessly cutting down and slandering those in positions of power that he seeks to have. By then it is too late. He is incredibly narcissistic, but continues to hide behind a veneer of false humility. Much of the congregation has been taken in by then or have left.

Beware the Hazael Spirit.


Naaman – Elders, pastors, deacons, worship leaders are particularly vulnerable to the Naaman Spirit. Happy to be ‘under’ another in a position of authority and will successfully complete tasks given to him. However does get too involved in hierarchy and so will seek to have others in a slave like position beneath them. Lacks faith through pride, which is often kept under wraps but has a hankering for signs and wonders, which will be their undoing. Enjoys receiving a ‘word’ from esteemed prophets, and healing meetings with an air of pomp and ceremony. Tends to act out in anger and rage if these things are below his expectation. Complete dousing in holy water is the best solution for him.

Beware the Naaman Spirit.


Goliath – Every congregation has one – antagonistic, bullying, mocking, uses his position or physical size to intimidate and get his own way on matters of doctrine for the church. Known to have a history of conflict within other congregations and cause division, revelling in fights and battles. Will usually have a sidekick; a shield bearer as it were, when putting forward his preferred doctrines. Uses shield bearer to veer off any negative attacks from falling back on him. A narcissist, his weakness is in he cannot cope with any negative feedback. From this position of security, will begin his battle. He causes division amongst God’s army of believers through confusion and fear, twisting scripture and calling them out on ‘error’. It takes a strong individual who is secure in God’s grace to confront and deliver the congregation from the clutches of this bully. Swift action needs to be taken to deliver this intellectual behemoth out of the camp before the whole local church falls apart.

Beware the Goliath Spirit.

Interesting isn’t it? We all know situations and people who could fit the above descriptions and yet never are they singled out as having the original biblical character’s ‘pagan spirit’. So why do we do this to women regarding Jezebel when we don’t agree with their doctrine or behaviour?

Ridiculous isn’t it.  Let’s be free of this made up spirit to insult women within the body of Yahshua.




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