Jordan Peterson’s Mythology vs Truth


Earlier this year our house caught on fire. It was a stinking hot day and a chewed lighting cable, embedded in dry bird nest material, arched in the roof cavity of our front porch eave. We were all there at the time and with the help of the local fire service managed to save the house with not too much damage done. One of the casualties however was that we lost our TV reception as it had destroyed the wiring to the ‘receiver’ (not quite sure what its called). My husband Tim, an electrician by trade added it to his to-do list but other more pressing jobs have left it gathering dust. I haven’t minded at all, in fact it’s been a blessing. Our TV is now a dedicated internet screen, via which we’ve enjoyed finding out all the local and global news and the plethora of Youtube videos available seem never ending. One person to catch both Tim’s and my interest in our viewing has been the person of Jordan Peterson, Continue reading

Another Con – Swallowed Hook Line and Sinker?


How is it that we as women seem to fall so easily into the ‘photo-op’ blame shot of human history mega sin? –Not saying all mega sin that has occurred – but at least two that I’m aware of anyway. The first epic historic stitch-up (still in use today) has been well and truly covered in previous posts concerning Eve’s contribution (or more precisely her lack of contribution) to the ‘Fall of Man’ and sin’s entry into our world.

The other may well be happening right now in our lifetime.

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