Why this blog?

This blog has come about because of three friendships made and cemented over the past  years.  Sharing  and encouraging each other with what we have found individually (and sometimes together) from within the scriptures.  It is our desire to share with you also, the things discovered that so encouraged us and renewed our hope and purpose in Messiah, as well as other topics pulling at our hearts.

We are three women, open to healthy debate on the topic of what the Bible says about the freedom we have in Christ. We love our Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and we know He is the answer to all our questions and confusions.  The ultimate goal of this blog is to direct people to Yeshua and Glorify God(YHVH). We come with three varying temperaments, backgrounds, experiences and communication styles, thus balancing pragmatism, hard study, humour, reality and faith. We seek to encourage growth and maturity in the body and we need you, because we don’t have all the answers and we want to grow.

There is an expectation that comments will be respectful.

As to why we’ve chosen ‘ezer kenegedo’ as our blog name please read our very first post for explanation – Ezer Kenegedo 1 – Gods Design.


Christine, Leanne and Tiana.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings to you four women in New Zealand from another set of four women also collaborating through writing and teaching with a focus on woman’s freedom in Christ. It is encouraging to find you and your blogsite! I am based in Australia and my co-bloggers are based in the USA and Canada. Together we run a blog called Ishshah’s Story, and three of us also have our own individual blogsites. I am always deeply encouraged to find others who God is raising up to share the truth and counter the errors that have been taught to women about themselves for hundreds of years. I hope we can stay in touch for mutual encouragement and support!


    • Shalom Cheryl!

      Thanks for the wonderful greeting.
      What a blessing you are to the body and especially to us as the voices in support of women’s freedom in Christ seem few and far between.
      We hope this blog will encourage men and women to look for themselves into the Word and issues affecting us all today. We are glad to have connected with you, and Amen! to mutual encouragement and support on this journey.

      Bless you!
      Christine, Debbie, Leanne & Tiana.

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