Ezer Kenegedo 1

 God’s Design


Sometimes it may take a lifetime to understand just who we are, with our unique purpose and gifting to others. Some women, it seems, learn much quicker than others and will go straight to God and seek to know and be shown clearly their value and strengths in Him and walk boldly. Others, maybe like me, will listen first to others around them and try to walk accordingly within the traditional gender roles–of which I have, to the best of my ability –albeit many times with an insistent cry of injustice and subsequent confusion in my heart. Our experiences and understandings of where we ‘fit’ as women in this world varies broadly between cultures, religion and time. Rules have always been there to shape the understanding of who and what we are in relation to men, in both our public and private domains. And because these traditions of gender roles have been consistently portrayed as sanctioned by God, our lives can appear inescapably cut out for us from cradle to grave.

Due to contradictions in the messages given me and a point of crisis in my life, I knew with Continue reading