Building Relationships With Moderate Iran

Next week Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif will be visiting New Zealand with the goal of building relationships, with talks likely to focus on trade and economic links.

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The Cost Of Freedom?


Saeed Abedini – Image Source:

This morning I received the good news that Saaed Abedini, a Christian Pastor with American citizenship, three years detained in Iranian prisons has been  released along with three others. Sometimes I think how certain events might come about, and wondered at one time if his release would in some way be connected to the sanctions against Iran being lifted. While I will never know all the details, reports are stating that Iran has been given the ‘all clear’ in regards to its nuclear restrictions and has had sanctions against them lifted. So while we rejoice with Saeed and Nagmeh and their family, may we remember the potentially heightened threat this poses to Israel. Iran reportedly will have access to ridiculous amounts of money to potentially throw behind its terrorist activities. Iran’s leaders have made no secret of their desire to wipe Israel off the map. It is a sad thing when a Christian’s life seems traded for Israel’s safety, however we know God is bigger and will accomplish all that He has set out in His word. Please continue to pray for Saaed and Nagmeh as there is much for them to work through; and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

– Leanne